Released: 2022-11-11


HIP HOP RAP  CD  Released on: ATLANTIC  11/11/2022  GUCCI MANE / SO ICY BOYZ 22

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  1. dissin The Dead (gucci Mane)

  2. Gucci Flow (gucci Mane Feat. Finesse2tymes)
  3. All Dz Chainz (gucci Mane Feat. Lil Baby)
  4. Red Flag (gucci Mane
  5. Bic Fizzle
  6. Bigwalkdog)
  7. First Time In Vegas (big Scarr)
  8. Turnt Shit (bic Fizzle)
  9. Renegade (hotboy Wes Feat. Finesse2tymes)
  10. Issa Photoshoot (enchanting
  11. Gucci Mane)
  12. Break Out Dat Cake (sett
  13. Gucci Mane)
  14. Havin Fun (big Scarr)
  15. Changes (bic Fizzle)
  16. Go In (hotboy Wes)
  17. Understanding (big Scarr)
  18. Chief (bic Fizzle)
  19. Master P (hotboy Wes)
  20. Don't Play Dat (sett
  21. Gucci Mane)
  22. Gelati (gucci Mane Feat. Peewee Longway & Bigwalkdog)
  23. Try Being Me (big Scarr)
  24. B.a.n. (bic Fizzle)
  25. God Forgives
  26. I Don't (hotboy Wes)
  27. First Day In The A (sett)
  28. Anotha 1 (big Scarr)
  29. Poppin (gucci Mane & Bigwalkdog)
  30. Sno Cone (bic Fizzle Feat. Quavo & Gucci Mane)
  31. Trap Life (bigwalkdog Feat. Bankroll Freddie)
  32. Trapmania (bic Fizzle Feat. Gucci Mane & Cootie)
  33. Rolling Loud (hotboy Wes Feat. Big Scarr
  34. Bigwalkdog)
  35. Whole Lotta Ice (bigwalkdog Feat. Lil Baby & Pooh Shiesty)
  36. From Da South (big Scarr)
  37. Trap God (bigwalkdog Feat. Gucci Mane)
  38. Free Smoke (hotboy Wes Feat. Big Scarr)
  39. Mo Money (bic Fizzle)
  40. Free Foo (foogiano)
  41. So Icy (bigwalkdog)
  42. On God (bic Fizzle Feat. Gucci Mane & Cootie)
  43. My Lil Dance (hotboy Wes Feat. Gucci Mane)
  44. Slide (hotboy Wes)
  45. Freestyle (big Scarr Feat. Gucci Mane)
  46. Neva Trust A Soul (foogiano Feat. Gucci Mane
  47. Enchanting)
  48. Came From The Bottom (bigwalkdog)
  49. Rich Criminals (bic Fizzle Feat. Cootie & Big30)
  50. What U Gon Do (big Scarr)
  51. Vert (bigwalkdog Feat. Big Scarr)
  52. Woah (bigwalkdog)
  53. Dead In Miami (foogiano)
  54. Clark Street Baby (bic Fizzle Feat. Big Scarr)
  55. Soldier (hotboy Wes)
  56. Track & Field (enchanting Feat. Kali)
  57. So Icy Fizzle (bic Fizzle Feat. Cootie)
  58. Before The Deal (hotboy Wes)
  59. Tony Montana (big Scarr)
  60. Squad Shit (hotboy Wes)
  61. Tunnel Vision (bic Fizzle)
  62. Zorilla (hotboy Wes)
  63. How (bigwalkdog)
  64. Big Chant (enchanting Feat. Gucci Mane)